The Denver Broncos Just Keep Falling Further

These past few weeks have seen quite a bit of frustration for the Denver Broncos. A clearly declining, almost 40 year old Peyton Manning still feebly chasing a second Super Bowl win, Aqib Talib trying to gouge eyes out, and now we have more Broncos players trying to square up to the opposing team during games. During last Sunday’s matchup, Denver Broncos safety, T.J. Ward got pretty heated and punched Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Jeremy Maclin in the face on a play. The most humorous part about this whole situation is that Ward tried to be sneaky about it and hide the foul play as he was falling down on top of Maclin. Guess he figured Aqib Talib could use some tips on how to be subtle with his cheap shots. Ward won’t be suspended for any length of time but he did receive an ejection for the game, in which the Denver Broncos took their second straight loss of the season. Is this a new violent and losing trend for the Broncos? Only time will tell, but if anything’s certain, Peyton Manning definitely needs to get that locker room more free Papa Johns to calm their nerves.

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