The Man Who Played “Imagine” at Site of Paris Attacks

David Martello, a German pianist is now known worldwide as the man who took a piano to the site of the terrorist attacks in Paris to play John Lennon’s timeless song, “Imagine” to express his solitude with not just France, but the world. In an interview with PEOPLE Magazine Martello states that he was in a bar when he saw the events begin to unfold on TV and two days later he felt the urge to take his piano to France that very Monday to play Lennon’s song of peace. Driving over 400 miles with his friend, Martello is glad he was able to be there for people, stating “It was a feeling like for a little moment you forget what happened.” The cover has since received millions of views between videos uploaded by individuals on site and news outlets covering the story. Surely we can be thankful in times like these for the compassion of some of our fellow human beings.

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