The Good, The Bad, and the “What Are Those?!” of the AMA’s

Last Sunday night, all of America’s biggest stars came together for the annual American Music Awards. We saw Drake-inspired outfits, awkward shade between big booty pop stars be thrown, and Justin Bieber go on to divide the world as to whether or not he needs to be taken seriously yet. Here’s the good parts of it delivered to you; courtesy of Royal Blue:

Nick Jonas or Drake?

We got to see former Jonas Brothers band member, Nick Jonas show up to the red carpet in a turtle neck blazer combo that has a color scheme very reminiscent of the now infamous turtle neck warn by Drake in his video for “Hotline Bling”. Are we seeing a new era of the multi-faceted turtle neck? Let’s hope not….

Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez’s Silent War

During Jennifer Lopez’s performance, which featured a very large dance-only section, she decided to shake that A+ booty to Nicki Minaj’s smash-single, “Anaconda”. Naturally, one of the show’s cameramen panned to Minaj who looked anything but thrilled.  See her “No this bitch just didn’t…” expression at the start of the video.

Skrilllex’s Shoes….

Justin Bieber collaborator and EDM top dog Skrillex showed up to the awards show with his current partner in crime, fellow Jack U member, Diplo. What we wanted to point out is what in the hell is Sonny wearing on his feet? Seriously Skrill, what are those?!

Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth Suck Face

Let’s face it, it’s weird to see celebrities make out. And between the immensely bad jokes celebrities read off a teleprompter and high volume of lip synced performances, award shows can be a cesspool of awkwardness without performers going in to lock lips on stage. Well, singer Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainor don’t give a shit about that. At the end of their duet, the rumored couple shared a kiss very reminiscent to the kisses that one weird couple in your high school always seemed to be doing. They’re both gasping for air due to their vocally powerful performances, Puth is ungracefully grabbing ass, and despite the two being an item, the whole scene of it felt very unnatural.

And the World Still Doesn’t Know What to Make of Bieber

With his latest album selling extremely well, and both its singles infecting the radio waves, Justin is certainly one of the hottest names out right now. But it’s still tough to shake the image of the bowl-cut rocking teenager who loved saying the word “Baby”. And while the songs of his performances are well-received, the internet is still trying to figure out if he was lip syncing the whole time. Justin Bieber: still taking L’s along with W’s.

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