The Business of Reselling Sneakers

Being a sneakerhead may not be as simple as copping the latest pair of kicks anymore. Lately, you can categorize some as even entrepreneurs making profits better than if they were selling stocks. Yes, we’re talking about the business of reselling sneakers. Here’s how it works: Sellers wait in line for a certain shoe release, and once they get their hands on the exclusive pair of sneaks, they go online to resell the shoes for double or even triple the retail price that they paid for. Pretty awesome, right? The billion dollar industry of reselling sneakers has been popular for a a while now and only continues to grow. The average ebay price for Nike Air Mag Back to the Futures start at $5,718, and the most recent shoe release--The Yeezy Boost 350s in “Pirate Black” has made up to almost $2 million on eBay and counting. Sneakerheads have even been looking to new platforms other than eBay to resell sneakers, like twitter and Paypal for instance. I don’t know about you, but the business of reselling sneakers just keeps sounding better and better!


August 22.

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