Twitter Goes in On Tyga for Future & Blac Chyna in “Rich $ex” music video

When there are two people currently wrapped up in the “just hooking up” phase of a friendship/relationship, one’s always caught in their feelings a little more than the other. In the case of Future and Tyga’s baby momma Blac Chyna, it’s pretty clear that Chyna is a bit more serious about the two of them, evidence by Chyna’s “Future” hand tattoo. But the world is quick to forget, and when Future and Chyna got real handsy in his new music video for “Rich $ex”, the Twitterverse was quick to notify Tyga he would be receiving another L. The tweets were merciless for all parties involved, from ones tackling Tyga’s lack of top dog status, to the nastiness that is Future sticking his whole tongue in Chyna’s moth.  Check out the funniest tweets and the kind-of-gross music video below.









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