Royal Blue's 5 Tips on Surviving This Black Friday

Every year we say never again, but every year, we always go back. Yes, we’re talking about the Fridays of all Fridays, Black Friday. We all know how insanely hectic Black Friday can be, so since you’re inevitably going make a trip to the mall this weekend, here’s some survival tips on getting through the day.

1.) Prepare Yourself

Just like any warrior would do before battle, you’re going to need to prepare yourself. If you don’t want to get lost in the crossfire of the Macy’s shoe section, make sure you get a good night's sleep for those early morning sales, eat some breakfast to stay energized for all those long lines, and lastly, only hope for the best.


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2.) Set Your Goal

It’s important to always set a specific goal when participating in the madness of Black Friday. Believe us when we say, get what you need and get out. To all brave shoppers, we salute you.


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3.) Stick to Your Budget

The holidays are a time of giving, but who says you gotta be broke when it’s all over? This Black Friday, while thinking about the gifts you’ll be buying, also keep your wallet in mind!



4.) Pick Your Best Running Shoes

Remember, those sales don’t wait for everyone! To fully survive the Black Friday battles, you’ll want to wear your best athletic shoes to save your feet from the wear and tear of running from store to store or…. from other shoppers.


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5.) Beware of the Expert Shoppers

And lastly, show no mercy to those expert Black Friday shoppers. You’re in this to win it, so don’t let those sneaky experienced shoppers steal those deals away from you. You didn’t risk everything for nothing now, did you?


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