Thanksgiving Food Is Kind of Like Your Family

Thanksgiving is here and for a lot of us, we’ll be spending the day with those family members we haven’t seen in too long. We begin to see and appreciate how funny your youngest cousin got, and how alike you might be to your kind of crazy uncle. In a way, the Thanksgiving favorite around the table are a lot like those iconic personality types we see in every family. Allow us to explain:

1.) Cranberry Sauce- Your kind-of crazy aunt 

It’s a weird thought. A sauce that’s a fruit. Not even a bland shouldn’t-be-damn-fruit like tomato ketchup, but a berry. Cranberry sauce is the uncommon dish that seems to fit perfectly, like your crazy and bubbly aunt. Where no other fruits are typically seen, the cranberry sauce stays in the Thanksgiving mix better than the ageless Spurs in the NBA.

2.) Stuffing- Your youngest family members

Stuffing’s kind of like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get. This big mass of part bread part vegetables part meat always seems to taste different. This is like your youngest family members because it gets all over the place, and the randomness of it can only be compared to a 6 year old's train of thought on any given day.

3.) The Turkey- The wisest elder

The centerpiece of your lovely dysfunctional families table that holds it all together. The thing everyone pulls from as their main course at the root of the meal. Like grandparents, this is kind of where it all starts. I mean, the wisdom and sweetness of your grandparents always gives you hope that you too may one day not be as crazy as you think you are, putting your mind at ease the way a stomach full of turkey does.

4.) Pumpkin Pie- The... Different Uncle

You enjoy it once a year, sure, but you don’t want it around all year. The texture’s just a bit off for a common pie, so it finds itself in the biggest dinner of the year. It’s kind of like your uncle who’s a bit out there. Not normal crazy like your cranberry sauce aunt, he’s just little harder to pin down what’s up with him, just like kind of confusing Pumpkin Pie.

5.) Mashed Potatoes- Your “too cool to be here” cousin (or you)

Mashed potatoes. Everyone aware of its presence, everyone partaking in it, but it being a forgettable part of the meal. Maybe if it wasn’t on its phone all the time trying to grab Turkey Day nudes or updating Twitter, it would contribute more to the cause. You know deep down if this is you or not. Don’t worry we won’t judge, but you did check Instagram just 20 minutes ago.

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