The Craziest Black Friday Brawls

Leave it to Corporate America to turn the day after the very night of Thanksgiving, a holiday about family togetherness and thankfulness, into a mad rush to get a half off TV that could leave you with a black eye or two. We’ve seen crazy Wal-Mart brawls, Target stampedes, and Best Buy riots for years now on the news, but thanks to age of smartphones, the amount of footage of in-store showdowns between soccer moms and crazy bag ladies is astronomical. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled the best one’s making waves so far:

Turns out Steam cookers are a hot commodity this year. So hot that people will rip it out the hands of children when there’s still a whole pile of them on the floor……

Not necessarily sure what fresh snapback these guys were fighting over. All we know is that the fight circle that formed around them is very reminiscent of a school courtyard fight between over-hormonal middle schoolers. Needless to say, they probably missed out on those hats.

And here we have an all girl 4-way free-for-all inside a Victoria’s Secret (no, not in that way). Seems like these ladies definitely had their panties in a bunch… (Sorry, that one was too easy)

And of course the Vine’s for this violent holiday are abundant

So far all of us who didn’t brave the madness, we had many brave souls who risked getting killed in a stampede or jumped for a computer so we could laugh our asses off at the unbelievable footage:



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