Tom Brady Tries to Troll Broncos and Loses

This past Sunday, NFL golden child and deflated balls poster boy, Tom Brady took on the Denver Broncos in an attempt to gain their 11th straight win of the season and maintain that undefeated record. We’re sure the Patriots’s massive success is due to the fact that Brady really seems to be a no-nonsense athlete. He does what he must to win and is always focused on his game, but last week he decided to get a little playful. After the video of him scaring his kids on Thanksgiving went viral, we guess Brady thought he can be part-time legendary quarterback and part-time internet personality. Brady decided to post a humorous meme to his Facebook of him masterfully riding a bucking Bronco, in an attempt to put his thoughts on the upcoming game into meme form.





Well yeah, the Pats lost, and not only did they lose, they lost in overtime, by one huge 49 yard run for a touchdown delivered courtesy of CJ Anderson. Seems like Brady should just stick to deflating balls, studying playbooks, and boning hot Brazilian supermodels. Check out the highlights of the game here

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