Card Against Humanity Receives $70,000 from Its Fans

We’ve all experienced the urge to go the extra step to show appreciation for something. Maybe it was giving a standing ovation to someone giving a powerful speech, or when you wrote a Thank You card to bae for that amazing booty pic the other night. That’s why it shouldn’t come as a massive surprise that the many fans of the famous dirty-joke card game, “Cards Against Humanity”, decided to give a free gift to its creators. On Black Friday, the card game’s website was advertising something a little different than a discount. They had an option available that let visitors pay them $5 in exchange for nothing. That’s right, absolutely nothing. And it turns out at least 14,000 people wanted to show the company gratitude for all the laughs had, as the creators of Cards Against Humanity announced the received $70,000 from donators that day. No word on what might be done with the money yet, but surely this has got you thinking of the best way to pull this off with all your friends.

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