5 Cars We Have to See at Geneva 2016

Located in Geneva, Sweden, the Geneva International Motor Show is one of the premier car exposés every year, where we get to see what the top automobile companies have been coming up with at the drawing boards over the past few years. Going into its 86th year, the car show will host the most forward-thinking and attractive brand new models to begin mass production. Here’s the ones we think will be catching the most eyes next March.

Lamborghini Asterion (2019) 

            Every damn time Lamborghini unveils a new model for the world to see that has that same world in shock to just how well they keep their models looking the best. This speed demon features over 900 horsepower and looks like something a bad ass James Bond from the space would be sporting. The Asterion features a massive V10 hybrid engine that’ll will hit that 60 mph marker in just about 3 seconds flat.

Bugatti Chiron (2017)

            Seeing pics and speculated details on this speed machine makes us wish we were waking up in one too, Future. Known for bringing us some of the first million-dollar exotics, Bugatti has us just dreaming about just what that W-16 engine sounds like when it’s hitting 0-60 in just 2.5 seconds. Unveiling in March, Bugatti is saying its successor will hit 0-62 in under that with 300 more horsepower. You can bet it’ll be a lot more expensive estimated to cost 2.5 million dollars. Bugatti described the Chiron as “the world’s most powerful, fastest, most luxurious and most exclusive production super sports car.”

Toyota FT-1 concept / Supra (2018)

            The Supra model by Toyota is considered a hallmark for bringing a high level of personal customization and race caliber performance to the common driver. No doubt this sexy thing will be turning heads on the street in a few years.

Mercedes-Maybach Pullman (2018)

            Looking like some kind of beautiful lovechild between a Maybach sedan and a Mercedes limo, the Pullman shows that Mercedes always takes luxury to the next level. Stretching in at around 21 feet long, being hauled by a V12 engine, we’re just itching to see what the inside-toys of this tall beauty are gonna be like.

Bentley Bentayga (2017)

            Just announced this September, Bentley released the SUV rappers will be referencing in songs for years to come. Being designed since 2012, the legendary car company’s newest family member is a beast to say the least, clocking a reported top speed of 187 mph with a starting price tag of around $250,000.

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