Tree Ornaments for the Sneaker Heads

If you’re at least somewhat serious about your sneaker collection, you know that much like ball, sneakers is Life. You must always represent your style, taste, and knowledge of foot-based art 24/7. No weekends off, and no holidays either. If you’re Halloween costume didn’t incorporate your True Blue 3’s, do you even like shoes? But anyway, now 2 AM projects is making sure your stockings hung by the chimney with care are gonna remind Santa to hook you up with those fire new Yeezys.  The company has designed three stockings in the form of three iconic shoes: The Marty McFly’s (because they know you didn’t cop a real pair of these this year), the Yeezy Boost 750’s, and the legendary Jordan Air 1’s. Each made to scale, they’ll have all your plebian friends respecting your dedication to the cause of having the freshest of kicks. Check out the details at 2 AM Projects

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