Codeine Crazy

Codeine crazy--what's with this phenomenon thats left footprints in hiphop on and off the tracks?  Popularly known as “purple drank” in the early 2000’s, sippin’ on sprite mixed with a high dosage of prescription strength cough syrup is now widely termed as “lean”. Users who drink lean will fight off the usual side affects of drowsiness to gain a high from the super sweet cocktail, ending up in a relaxed and euphoric state by the end of the night. Though the drug has been popular in hip hop for years now, with the recent release of Future’s ‘Dirty Sprite 2’ album, the use of lean has been glorified even more so in the community. On the album, you can hardly go one song without hearing something codeine related (we get it Future!), but that’s not even the worst part of how the trend is gaining popularity---or should I say notoriety. Many celebs like Future have also gone into the dirty sprite direction;  T.I,  2 Chainz, and Justin Bieber just to name a few. It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt, or until they wind up sounding as dopey as Lil Wayne on that one Sway in the Morning interview. The double cup is probably one of the biggest mysteries in hiphop following who shot Biggie and Pac. The trend most likely wont be going anywhere soon, but hopefully rappers will eventually start keeping the syrup in their medicine cabinets and out of the styrofoam cups to spare some braincells.

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