Jason Kidd Gives Props to Steph Curry

With cementing the second best season start in NBA history, defending 2014 NBA Champions, The Golden State Warriors have been straight steamrolling their competition since the start of the season. Their leader, point guard Steph Curry has been putting up an average of a frightening 32 points per game, having several nights where he hits over 50 points per game. It honestly seems like no one can stand between the baby-faced assassin and a second return to the NBA championship. Curry’s rise to the throne has impressed fans and experts alike, including former point guard great and current Brooklyn Nets Head Coach, Jason Kidd.

In a recent post-game interview Coach Kidd stated that “[Curry’s] this generations Jordan… We all wanted to be like Mike, and children today will grow up seeing Steph.” Now, is Kidd throwing some shade at LeBron and his dominance of the game these past few years? There’s a good chance he isn’t, considering LeBron is not only a gifted in basketball, but also genetically blessed to be built like a real-world superman. Which top athlete’s name do you think the little kids are screaming out when they shoot the J in pick-up games? Considering all us old-timers are still screaming “KOBE!” when we pitch those doodles we draw on the job into the trash can…. Thanks Dave Chappelle. Check out a scientific break down of the two basketball kings below.

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