Tariq Nasheed Feeds the Streets with Knowledge on the Females

It’s always valued when a fellow brother in arms can share some intel gathered in the field with his fellow men on how to best tackle the battlefield known as the dating game. These ladies out here can at times be as simple as a coloring book or as complicated as quantum physics. So trust us when we say, radio station 92.3’s interview with author Tariq Nasheed on the art and science of women is 40 minutes of agreeable dialogue that all the soldiers out there can learn a thing or two from. Nasheed discusses the evolving nature of thots, how social media and the internet has changed the game, and the nature in which women handle the men that try to court them. Nasheed even breaks down why both men and women cheat down to a tee, citing how different the reasons always tend to be. If you need to add some pointers to your game, or just want to hear the point of view of a fellow mac, definitely check out the content-full interview below.

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