The Most Popular Star Wars: The Force Awakened Theories Debunked

The week is finally here. The week that the 7th installment of the Star Wars series will be hitting theaters, and soon enough all these ridiculous fan theories will be laid to rest. Yes, it may be somewhat of a juicy thought to think Luke somehow turned to the dark side, or that Jar Jar Binks is some kind of Sith Lord genius….. but this just isn’t the case, and luckily you have the residential sci-fi junkies of Royal Blue to tell you why. Let’s start with the funniest assumption:

1.) Jar Jar Binks is Lord Snoke

One of the more popular theories is that, prequel village idiot, Jar Jar Binks will turn out to be the Episode 7’s most secretive villain, Supreme Leader Snoke. Several subreddits and blogs claim that a few hand waves and giant leaps (which a physical feat specific to Jar Jar’s species….) qualifies him as not only force sensitive, but as a powerful user of the dark side of the Force. This one is currently the easiest to tackle due to the character Supreme Leader Snokes actor, Andy Serkis humorously tackling the idea on the Conan show. While their exist pages and pages of theory to back this up, a loyal Star Wars fanboy simply has to remember that JJ Abrams will very likely not want to link a character as sinister and powerful as Snoke to someone who was not only seen as a goofball to the characters in the prequels, but also the utter laughing stock of the entire franchise.


2.) Luke Skywalker has now turned to the dark side

So, first of all, the old Star Wars protagonist is 150% in the trailer, touching the ambiguous head piece of his droid friend, R2-D2. Come on guys, do we really think that’s just some random person, who is also missing an organic right hand?? This scene and it’s placement in the trailer give you a big clue as to where Luke stands (despite being barely seen). This (for lack of a better word) tender touch to the Star Wars fan base’s favorite little droid is indication that at the time of this movie, Luke is with the good guys. Do you really think Abrams would go out of his way to place R2-D2 under the ownership of a character committed to the dark side? Absolutely not. It’s safe to assume that simple pleasures of the Star Wars universe will remain constant to ground familiarity with the audience, a key ingredient to a sequel’s success in film. C3PO and R2-D2 being the lovable and silly duo, or Chewbacca making those signature roars are just a few examples of things the Star Wars fan base not appreciate changed just for the sake of being edgey, therefore it’s safe to say Luke is good out mere association to R2-D2. Oh…. and the biggest evidence of all: Mark Hamill on set as Luke. In the picture above, Notice Luke’s traditional jedi knight wear: reminiscent of Obi-wan Kenobi’s, NOT Palpatine’s or Darth Maul’s black garments. We rest our case.

3.) Kylo Ren is Luke Skywalker….

This one is done in with just a picture and reminding people that Kylo Ren is casted as Adam Driver. Kyle Ren, skinny emo-looking kid. Luke Skywalker: rockin’ the dad bod belly very hard. Case closed.

4.) Lord Snoke is actually Dath Plaguis the Wise (PROBABLE)

So this theory may actually check out. All we know about Snoke is that he is immensely powerful, sinister, old, and is some kind of alien that needs CGI. Essentially, he is a character who will be working in the shadows and who has taken control of the remnants of the empire shortly after Emperor Palpatine was killed. There’s only one preexisting character who probably can fit this bill very well: Darth Plageuis the Wise. The legendary character mentioned by Palpatine in episode 3 would perfectly match the description of the little information we have on Snoke, and would really be the only person with the credentials to properly take over an entire military force after the guy at the top kicked the bucket.

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