2015’s Biggest Dating Apps

Right up there with Drake, Netflix with chilling, and calling out off-brand shoes, 2015 really was the year for smartphone dating apps. Whether you got a kick out of a random swipe right match, or found a potential permanent bae, it seems like everyone was doing at least a bit of mingling on some kind of app that involves little real-world interaction. While Tinder is the known app of choice, there have been a few others that offer up hilarious, and when thought about, strange ways to find that potential special someone. Here’s Royal Blue’s countdown-breakdown of the most popular dating apps that made waves this year.

1.) Tinder

Surely the most well-known fast food dating invention since eHarmony, Tinder changed the game by simply requiring only a Facebook profile to create an account; finally catering to your secret curiosity as to what dating websites are actually like. Utilizing just a simple swipe right for “I like you” or a swipe left for “nah”, it seems like everyone made ended up making a Tinder from your in-class crush to your siblings (Yeah, bet you never thought of that weird shit before. Enjoy the imagery)


2.) Bumble

Popping up a considerable time after Tinder, this app pretty much takes the same concept and gives it a yellow theme. Oh and there’s one new twist. With Bumble, two matched pairs requires the girl to reply within 24 hours of matching with a guy before the match gets deleted. This must be good, right? It’ll spare the fellas out there the time and frustration of crafting up a clever conversation opener…. Right? Well, it does but don’t get too excited fellow soldiers, you’ll have plenty of matches who will let that 24 hour clock click all the way down to zero. Parting is such sweet cyber-sorrow…


3.) POF (Plenty of Fish)

If you want a dating app that’s way more of a free-for-all than Tinder, then head down to POF. You make a profile and message other people with profiles wherever and whoever, sorted by people in your city. As ladies can imagine, the messages can probably seem endless, as the guys can imagine, just because they don’t have to swipe left now doesn’t mean you’ll be getting a reply from the “LilSexyBae6969”. The only thing that’s keeping this app from become a straight Wild Wild West cluster-fuck, is its inability to add pictures to your messages. But we guess they want to show that they believe that people should at least exchange telephone numbers before they exchange nudes. Always important to create these dating apps on certain key morals after all.


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