Odell Beckham and Josh Norman Throw Hands

The air was tense and the two combatants were determined to fuck each other’s shit up. No, we’re not referring to the last big UFC or boxing bout, we’re talking about two pro football players who were out for blood this past Sunday when the North Carolina Panthers took on the New York Giants on a typical Sunday afternoon regular season game. Giants receiver, Odell Beckham Jr. was having a tough game to say the least in the first half, with the very talented cornerback, Josh Norman covering Beckham like the gift wrapping on your new ugly Christmas sweater. Norman’s sheer dominance on defense lead to Beckham getting really dirty with Norman throughout the game, with Odell trying to shove his fingers into facemasks, after-whistle tackles, and even a late and intentional head-butt when Norman was down after a play, which could’ve lead to an extremely serious injury for the Panthers cornerback. Beckham dodged an explanation for his bitch-boy behavior during his postgame interviews, straight up jacking Marshawn Lynch’s swag by repeating the phrase “It’s unfortunate we lost”, while Norman wasn’t afraid to let the media know that he’s glad the fans are now aware as to “what kind of player [Beckham] is.” Check out the helmet to helmet hit below along with Odell and Norman’s postgame interviews.

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