New Scientific Study Suggest that if You’re Ugly, You’re Hired!

Like the wise Spongebob Squarepants once said: “I am ugly and I am proud!” Well now, according to a new study, all us fellas who aren’t necessarily blessed with chiseled abs or stunning features are more likely to land a job that’ll put bread on the table. According to some researched preformed in the UK, around 870 employers were given the resumes of individuals with pretty much identical qualifications but different headshots. The participants were then asked to hire the applicants based on their individual resumes for different jobs.

What were the results? Well while the more good looking applicants received jobs where they would work in a team with others, the less attractive males were more than likely picked for jobs with a competitive role like sales or investment banking. All in all, men just have a tough time hiring guys for leading positions that look better than them. Just goes to show all us Zoolander fans that you can potentially get more out of life by not being really, really, ridiculously good-looking.


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