The Future is Here: Socks for Netflix

Have you ever wanted something that can help you pause your beloved Netflix binge sessions without requiring you to get up or move your precious arm to reach for a remote or mousepad? Well fear not fellow lazy AF millennials, Netflix has us covered. Their brand new DIY-project with Pittsburgh based company Deeplocal, are a pair of socks that will pause your Netflix show once you fall asleep.

Netlfix states that, “An accelerometer detects when you've stopped moving for a prolonged period of time and triggers a signal to your TV that pauses Netflix. When it detects that you've dozed off, an LED light in the cuff of the sock flashes red, warning that the pause signal is about to be sent to your TV. Any motion will stop it from firing. The accelerometer is very sensitive to little movements, so it's good at detecting when you're just sitting still, raptly watching Netflix, and when you've actually fallen asleep.”

Sounds pretty perfect right? Well unfortunately, there’s still quite a bit of real-world scenarios to figure out; like covering the socks in a blanket, physical objects being between the TV and your socks like tables or your Tinder hookup, and not to mention the socks are a bit complicated and expensive to make. But rest assured, when the technology catches up to the idea, the overbearing responsibility of knowing when to pause a binge session due to sleepiness will be a thing of the past!

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