Snoop Blazes Chip Kelly’s Coaching

You know you have to do something pretty damn offensive to really piss off a true-to-life stoner. So when Philadelphia Head Coach, Chip Kelly dialed up the team’s 9th loss of the season, the world’s most legendary toker, Snoop Dogg had some tough words for the coach. Now, if you’re in the Official Snoop Dogg fan club, you know from your club jacket that the D O Double G is an avid Pittsburgh Steelers fan, so why would another loss to the struggling Eagles matter to him? Well you can probably guess it: vital fantasy football points. The Eagles loss just so happened to cost Snoop Dogg his whole fantasy season. Many of us aren’t used to seeing this side of Snoop Dogg, being the world’s most famous stoner does come with a rep for being mellow, but when you’re playing for all the chips (no pun intended), frustration is understandable. Just when Coach Kelly was worrying about his job, he’s clearly bought the wrath of a very high Snoop Dogg upon him. Let’s all take a moment of silence for Chip’s NFL coaching job and his social image…

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