Kid Gets Steamed over Outdated Present

Ah, the joy of children. Their glowing smiles and vibrant energy are truly miracles all year ‘round. We all know on Christmas Day, to see their small hearts full of joy from what lay in wait for them under the Christmas tree is always a welcomed sight. But we also know that 90% of the time, kids can seem like they’re pretty much straight from hell, and Christmas morning is not exempt from this schedule. This year, a video of a little boy not getting exactly what he wanted for the corporate holiday is making its rounds on the internet. The young whippersnapper asked for WWE 2k16, and his mom got him 2k15 because 2k16 was out of stock. As if the world is about to end, the little tike proceeds to throw a legendary tantrum complete with high-pitched screeches and sporadic movements. It’s situations like this that make you really want to bring the kid back down to Earth by letting him know both Santa Clause AND professional wrestling are hoaxes to get him to eat his damn vegetables.

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