Royal Blue’s Top Shows of 2015

We’ve seen many things in 2015 and with it coming to a close what we can all be thankful for, is the awesome as fuck TV programming we’ve been graced with this year. Seeming to have returned to a golden age of television over the past few years, 2015 brought several new series and successful additional seasons for us to binge watch on Netflix or savor like a fine wine. Here’s Royal Blue’s personal favorites from this past year.

1.) Mad Men (Series Finale)

The show that really defined the idea an exquisitely slow building plot this decade, came to a tranquil and appropriate end this year. Successfully avoiding the stereotype that big shows typically end awfully, you get to see businessman icon, Don Draper, finish the rollercoaster that was his business-first life in a way that’ll make you say goodbye and Namaste to a legendary television series.

2.) Master of None

One of America’s top comics, Aziz Ansari finally got the big break to produce and write his very own show on Netflix. What many critics are saying is the first successful comedy that focuses on the social issues of Millenials, “Master of None” stars Aziz as a 30 year old actor named Dev trying to make it in New York. This comedy tackles life aspects relatable to various groups of young people like flaking, being a 1st generation American, and the dynamic rules of texting.

 3.) Mr. Robot

Officially defining the idea of a cyber thriller, “Mr. Robot” is the best one to date, movie or show-based. Being a hacker with deep-rooted social anxiety, the show’s main protagonist, Elliot (Rami Melik) serves as an interesting departure from your traditional main character in the dark and secretive world of cyber security and computer hacking.

4.) Fargo (Season 2)

Based off the massively successful movie of the same name, “Fargo” maintains the dark, yet very funny humor of the original movie. Each individual season is set in a completely separate time and place with all new characters, as a protagonist attempts to catch murderer. This TV series earns its stripes by making their 2nd season, set in 1979, just as entertaining as their first season set in 2006.

 5.) Narcos

Now, if you’re looking for a badass show about gangsters, drugs, money and business, “Narcos” is your best pick of this past year. Based on the true story of Colombian drug cartel, Pablo Escobar, the bulk of the series takes place in Colombia, where Spanish is the majority of the audible dialogue heard on-screen. Be prepared for a first season packed with action and intertwining character stories that’ll keep you off Escobar’s Wikipedia page just you don’t spoil what happened to this legendary drug lord.

 6.) Empire

Fox’s saving grace finally came in 2015. The network that’s been carried by The Simpsons for that past 100 years finally delivered an excellent drama that centered around a rap mogul at the top of the music industry and his fight to stay there. “Empire” started off with a bang as it presented a variety of complex characters with the battle-tested and battle-scarred luscious Lyons (Terrance Howard) serving as a deep and strangely likable protagonist. Make sure to catch up on the drama-filled first season before season 2 begins in 2016!

 7.) South Park (Season 19)

Officially earning a reputation as legendary as that of The Simpsons, South Park continued to impress in 2015. With all the issues going on in the world today, for the first time ever, South Park made every episode of season 19 into a commentary on current issues everyone seems to be complaining about or offended by. And somehow, they made every single episode as gut-bustingly hilarious as the lest.

 8.) Game of Thrones (Season 5)

Everyone’s favorite medieval softcore HBO porn, Game of Thrones continues to pull its fanbase deeper into falling in love with the series. With a Jon Snow getting straight Ceasered at the season’s end, Daenerys getting captured by her old squad, and the littlest Stark going blind, who knows how next season will play out. If you’re not caught up, hurry up and do that before April!

 9.) Louie (Season 5)

Standup comedian Louis CK continues to blur the lines between grey comedy and well written drama with his 5th season of “Louie.” You won’t know if you’re watching his show for the laughs or the compelling short stories.

 10.) House of Cards (season 3)

Somehow packing in mountains of content in just ten episodes, season 3 of “House of Cards” continues Frank Underwood’s political journey as the newly appointed president of the United States. The ending is a tad on the soap opera side but it definitely sets up for President Underwood’s biggest obstacle yet in the forthcoming season 4.

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