What’s next for Fashion in 2016?

In 2015, we’ve seen people commit acts of violence for Yeezys of all kinds, wearable Netflix Socks, off-brand shoes have a meme dedicated to them, man buns rain supreme, and 2 Chaizs design a holiday sweater based on a dance created by Migos. Surely, there’s more in-store for fashion in 2016, but big the question is, what forms will it take?

It seems like there are clothing companies learning from the failed durability of Yeezy zippers and taking on the task of making clothes ultra-durable. Odo denim is designing jeans that you never have to wash, making it a new advancement on a classic favorite. The project is still in kickstarter funding phases but the science they’re planning to use checks out.

Now, if you’re not for getting coffee on your favorite work shirt anymore, or groupie lipstick all over your favorite Royal Blue shirts and pants, some engineers have finally created the godsend. Ultra Tech has a developed a coating that can be put on clothes, paper, or really anything and make that material completely water and stain resistant. The stuff looks like straight magic, so let’s hope it comes out quickly next year.

In terms of the design game, it’s clear that the extremes are going to continue to reign. Eccentric prints or dark/drab colors with minimal design are bound to continue their momentum into 2016. Luckily for you, Royal Blue is staying right on top of what’s going to keep you looking the best for the next year. Make sure to stay tuned for our Spring and Summer features soon to come. Thanks for giving us an amazing 2015, and a soon-to-be legendary 2016. Stay bold, fam.


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