Twitter Catches Drunk Don Lemon Sippin’ & Slippin’

Well fellow ratchets, another New Year’s Eve celebration is in the books. Chances are you were getting turned up with friends or family, or drowning away responsibilities that unfortunately roll over into the New Year at some bar with ridiculously expensive drinks. Given the fact that pretty much everyone except Uber drivers are drunk for this holiday, it’s understandable that our various TV hosts for the yearly year-switch would partake in the alcohol-infused festivities. This year, CNN anchorman, Don Lemon, clearly had a bit too much of “dat bubbly”, and Twitter made sure to capture every moment of his drunken escapades. For example:

Drunk Don Lemon Asks Newlyweds The Hard Hitting Questions


Drunk Don Lemon Tries to Prove to Cohost He Listens to Rap



Drunk Don Lemon Brags on His Physique (complete with trendy emojis…)



Drunk Don Lemon Tells a Joke that’s only funny Because He’s Drunk



And Finally… Savage Drunk Don Lemon Tries to Flirt with Kathy Griffin. Live on TV…


Don’t stress over this too much, Don. We’ve all been there, just not in front of millions of people.

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