The Water Vacuum Is Essential in the Fight against Sneaker Aging

We’ve all seen Father Time go unbeaten against several “timeless” opponents. Kobe’s jump shot, Demi Moore’s face, LeBron James’s hairline. Father Time is truly the world’s only undefeated player, but now your kicks can stand those tests with a slightly better score. The folks over at 250 Design have developed a special kind of device called a Water Vacuum that’s function is to keep that overtime odor out of your beloved kicks. Basically, the non-electrical device keeps humidity out of your shoe, which is the main cause of odor build up. The free flowing oxygen helps to keep that fresh out of the box smell for much longer, as long as it is used before odor starts to build. The price for this essential shoe freshener is running about 25,000 Korean Wons (or about $20 USD); well worth it to ditch all those cans of odor maskers that are typically available for sneakers. Head over to 250 Design here to lock in this late Christmas gift to yourself!

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