Paint Splatter Jeans Review

If you’ve had your ear to the ground when it comes to current trends in fashion, you may know that the torn look is back in. Coming back like they never left, ripped jeans are becoming a staple in any style-conscious person’s wardrobe, and Royal Blue’s made sure to bring a unique flavor to this trend with this year’s Paint Splatter Jeans. Just like all Royal Blue items, the Paint Splatter Jeans begin on a base of high-quality, durable denim and is hand-crafted, making no two pairs exactly alike. The shreds in the denim are clearly placed with care, not only accenting the denim itself, but also the embroidery lining the pants. Featuring an acid-washed front and back that is boldly accented by red, orange, and brown paint, this piece brings an unexpected flair to a well-known look.

Where the Paint Splatter Jeans really shine however, is in their comfortable fit during the first wear. Many of us know that it could take several outings wearing a new pair of jeans before your legs truly feel at home in them, but this is an issue the Paint Splatter Jeans practically eliminates. Hitting a sweet spot of 85% cotton, these jeans will look new for a long time to come but will still stretch organically after repeated uses. Make sure to add this essential pair of pants to the stand-out portion of your wardrobe while you still can.

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