Buy the Playboy Mansion, But It Comes with a Roommate

The legendary Playboy mansion, home of the just as infamous Playboy Magazine founder, Hugh Hefner, is officially up for sale. For the ridiculously inflated price of $200 million, you too can call this iconic house of broken dreams and fake boobs, “home.” With the exception of Hefner’s bedroom (because that’s not sketchy at all…) potential buyers can take a tour of the entire estate to see the bowling alley, theater, game room, and all the other amenities the mansion has to offer. But there is one catch. Since it’d be pretty damn grimy for Playboy to kick out Hefner at this stage of his life, potential buyers would have to be okay with Hef living in the mansion for the remainder of his days which, may not be too much longer, considering the world famous mack is 89 years old. But hell, who knows what kind of life force he’s absorbed from smashing all those young girls over the decades…

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