Take Your Netflix Selection to the Next Level

If you’re a fallible human being, you’ve been in this situation before. You’ve invited over your new potential FWB for a little Netflix & Chill time, and your palms get sweaty. Your knees get weak and your arms get heavy. You want to throw up your shittly made spaghetti, because you don’t know what to watch. You sit there scrolling forever while your date gets bored, and you know you’re losing momentum and suddenly…. Blown. Not you, just your chances with new bae.

Luckily, people have now begun to archive the specific URL addresses for those various, super specific subgenres on Netflix. Want to watch an Independent Thriller or a Scandinavian drama? Just head over to What’s On Netflix and look up the code for all those obscure movie genres that get to project an exquisite taste in film that you definitely don’t have! Now if they’ll just make a category of stuff that’s only interesting for the first twenty minutes, then all us bad daters would be golden. But truth be told: you’ll probably just end up picking the same thing you always do after 30 minutes.

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