What’s up with “Making a Murderer”?

Netflix has now come synonymous with the phrase, “binge watching” and is responsible for lazy Sunday afternoons, putting off responsibilities until the “one more episode” becomes the “no more episodes.” Recently added to the streaming sites endless repertoire of content is the documentary, “Making a Murderer.” This gritty, new crime documentary seems to be everyone’s current favorite and is setting a new standard for the genre itself. With extremely high scores of 97% on Rotten Tomatoes and a whopping 9.2 on IMDb, the documentary follows the case of a wrongly imprisoned man and the corruption within a local law enforcement agency. Filmed over a ten year period, the entirety of the case takes place over the season’s 10 episodes and has even the most multi-faceted binge watchers begging for more. So what do you think??  Is this new cultural phenomenon worth ten hours of precious time, or is it just another pretty good Netflix original?

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