The “Polar Bear Man” of China Laughs in the Face of the Ice Bucket Challenge

In life, there are people born to excel to a feat past all others who have ever attempted it. Basketball has Jordan, golf has Tiger, idiocy has the Jackass guys, and now frigid living has a humble man from China named Cui Deyi, also known as “The Polar Bear Man.” This man currently is the top competitor in remaining submerged in ice baths for hours. Something not easily achieved.

Turns out there is an extremely developed and thriving league of people who like to stay submerged in below freezing water for large amounts of time! Being at the top of his game, Cui Deyi is known for his amazing feat in 2011, when he submerged himself in the freezing waters of Norway for an astonishing 75 minutes. In his most recent display of cold-surviving talent, he played chess (and beat the fuck out of people at it) while submerged in ice in nothing but swim trunks. Someone get an ice scraper, because this man’s skills are just too cold.

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