The Internet Reacts to the Jonas Blizzard

We truly live in the futuristic world of tomorrow. Phones don’t have buttons, human interaction is becoming increasingly more painful, and the world hive-mind known as The Internet responds to every world event whether it be man-made or from Mother Nature, herself. These days, we can expect just as many dank memes on any given thing as we can people blaming Obama. With the Jonas Blizzard over and traffic still feeling its nasty effects, everyone in the Northeast can stop pretending they’re in The Revenant and go back to their normal lives. But first, check out Royal Blue’s favorite memes birthed from the legendary snowstorm.



Looks like Joe Jonas beat everyone to the punch on this obvious joke.



 You can adjust this metric to +3 glasses if you’re putting off work you have to do



 You know nothing, Americans from the South.


You’re fucking with us. Gucci Mane is releasing music AND doing the weather for jail.


Hope no one lost their head from this little snowstorm.


Who’d a thought Jack Sparrow would still be alive after that God awful fourth movie?!


Are you sure you don’t wanna take the spare lightsaber, bro?


Meanwhile in Cape May...

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