Jaden Smith Hooks Up High schoolers with New Threads

We’ve seen the story of a child living in their parent’s shadow told many times before. Let’s face it, even Simba wasn’t nearly as badass as Mufasa was, and Michael Jordan’s son wasn’t near the player his pops is. Jaden Smith is kind of like that, except he’s way worse and a lot weirder. The kid is an actor and also a rapper, but you probably don’t know that because he’s too busy tweeting about babies being the smartest people on Earth. However, while Jaden Smith tries oh so hard to get peoples’ attention with nonsense, he does have a good heart.

(In case you missed his prom pic)

This past week, Jaden visited Buschwick High School and hooked a bunch of the kids up with new clothes. There’s no picture evidence of Jaden handing out anything too odd, (like the all-white Batman suit he wore to prom) but we can assume the free duds were a hit from all the smiling faces. Good on ya, Jaden, you’re weird but a good guy after all.

Shouts Out To Bushwick's Academy For Letting Me Visit And Give Away Clothes

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