Leonardo Dicaprio Vaped & The Internet Imploded on Itself

One of the internet’s most recent phenomena has been the new wave of vaping taken up attention-seekers. Whether it be a former smoker trying to kick the habit or a stoner hitting the vaporized form of that sticky icky, it’s become all too easy to look like a complete douche vaping in places where smoking is typically prohibited. However, there was a massive glitch in the internet joke-making matrix when one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars, Leonardo Dicaprio, was caught vaping at the last Screen Actors Guild Awards, where he won best actor for his work in “The Revenant.” Needless to say, nothing has divided masses this much since N’SYNC and The Backstreet Boys.

 Do we now love vaping, or is DiCaprio a lame for doing it? The Wolf of Wall Street actor is probably the best in the game right now, so how could he do something so douchey? Luckily the world’s top scientists are researching as to how this occurrence came about, and if the world will ever recover. Stayed tuned with Royal Blue for more developments.








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