A Sneak Peak at the Super Bowl Commercials this Year

With Super Bowl 50 coming up this Sunday, all of the U.S. will gather around the living room TV to see the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers go head to head for all the chips (pun completely intended). To see the top professional teams go toe-to-toe this year will be a grand display of peak athleticism in all forms, but these feats will not distract some fans of the holiday (and it is a holiday) from the real reason they watch: the commercials. The world’s biggest and Illuminati-est companies shell out millions to pump subliminal advertising into our eyes during the most watched event of the year. Here’s some of the funnier commercials they have planned for our sheep-like brains this weekend.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a world broadcasted event without Drake there. The Toronto rapper is teaming up with T-Mobile to celebrate his odd dance moves and try and convince you to hop on their not so great cellular service (sorry, T-Mobile Family, but you know it’s true….)


Keegan Key and Jordan Peele have definitely proven they know what funny is by their massively successful show on Comedy Central, “Key & Peele”, and now they’ll be flexing their haha-muscles for the Super Bowl. The only info is that they’ll be playing sports announcers with Jordan Peele’s hair kind of looking like The Weeknd’s. Make sure and keep an eye out for the official commercial with Squarespace during the game!


Intuit Quick Books decided to hook up Death Wish Coffee (a small business) with a commercial this year and they brought the dude-vibes, hard. It features 30 seconds of intense, testosterone-laced coffee Vikings, as they row to their Spartan-like finish into the mouth of a bearded guy. If you don’t start high-fiving all your fellow single bro friends after this manly ass commercial, you’re clearly not a dude’s dude.


Rising web giant, Apartments.com, managed to bag Lil’ Wayne and THE George Washington for a 3 part commercial series that gives us a glimpse into how fucking cool it is to live in an apartment!! Damn, no wonder Weezy wanted to sue Birdman for millions, all this time we thought he was living in at least a modest 3 bedroom suburban home.


Looks like Skittles will be trying to cash in on all the narcissism of selfie-culture with this Steven Tyler featured commercial. We all dream of Skittles and our faces made of them. Skittles is love, Skittles is life.

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