The GOP Candidates’ Awkward Entrances

In the grand stage of world politics, the public figures before us can, at times, seem bigger than life. It can be easy to forget that these TV personalities (which politicians have certainly become) yelling at each other about how unrealistic, racist, or corrupted the other personality is, are also just normal people. Normal, awkward, fallible people. If you’ve been paying attention to the Rat Race that is the Republican Primaries, you’d know this blood-bath of mudslinging politics has gone from 16 potential candidates down to a still very large, five frontrunners. Between Christie using Daily News to attack Trump and Rubio repeating the same speech about President Obama over and over again, this fight for the Republican nomination is surely a shit show. That was put on full display at the most recent Republican Party Debate when a missed cue, by candidate, Dr. Ben Carson, led to a silently hilarious introduction to the event. In a way, this 90 seconds of confusion was just as action packed as the debate itself, but with way more laughs.

At the start, we can see New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, start off strong, promptly walking out right on cue like his slipping popularity in the polls depends on it. The problems start when Dr. Carson misses his announced name like all those fun drunken nights he missed out on while he was in medical school. When Ted Cruz begins to strut towards the stage, Carson gives Cruz a confused look as Cruz shrugs his shoulders as if to say, “I guessed they switched our names the same way you switch your political views, you POS.” Then all hell breaks loose when Donald Trump, like some kind of school yard bully just looking for a friend, stays behind with Carson, blocking the walkway for Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush. Like turmoil occurring in a country that has no oil fields, Jeb and Marco decide they’ll take no part in this crisis, leaving Carson and Trump to fend for themselves as their names must be painfully called again. Check out this cringe-worthy War of the Confused Old Dudes in the video below.

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