50 Cent Promoting Meek Mill Diss T-Shirts

Throughout his career, New York rapper and gangster rap legend, 50 Cent, has known how to market his brand and push his ideas onto the Hip-hop culture. During the mid 2000’s, him and his camp, G-Unit, had millions of fans and artists alike wearing shirts 3 sizes too big, rocking giant spinning diamond chains, and stuttering the letter “G” like they had a speech impediment. But after falling off considerably (while dating Ciara no less....), and recently announcing bankruptcy, the rapper has struggled to shed the image of an L-holder away from his name. So his best course of action? Pick a fight with the only other person in rap right now holding a bigger L than himself, Meek Mill. At a recent concert in San Francisco, 50 showed off a shirt donned with the words, “R.I.P. Meek Mill, 1987-2016.” Very bold strategy by 50 Cent but since he was spotted at the Yeezy Season 3 fashion show, it’s safe to say he still rolls in the circles of winners. Good job 50, now just find your way out of this whole bankruptcy ordeal and you’ll be set.

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