Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon Slam Life back into the Dunk Contest

Young kids today are missing out on a lot of things these days, and all of us who are in the lackluster years of adulthood love to relish in it. We had years where Saturday Morning cartoons were a driving force, we self-obsess over the 1990’s like we had control over it, and remember the days when MTV showed at least a little bit of music. We also remember when top of the line basketball players went in during the annual Dunk Contest. Luckily, for the snot nosed little brats of today, it seems like the dunk contest’s excitement has officially been revived.

 This past Sunday, during NBA All-Star Weekend in Toronto Canada, the highlight of the weekend somehow didn’t center on Drake or being Kobe’s last All-Star appearance. The highlight of the weekend happened to be the revival of the excitement and shear display of athleticism that is, the NBA Dunk Contest. The contestants were Detroit Pistons’ Andre Drummond, Denver Nuggets’ Will Barton, the Orlando Magic’s Aaron Gordon, and the Minnesota Timberwolves’ Zach Lavine. No one was expecting it, but LaVine and Gordon both stole the show with what some analysts are saying, were some of the best dunks since Vince Carter’s legendary performance back in 2000. Can these two rising stars’ dunking-swag beat the 1995-96 Bulls? Maybe…. But check out the mysticism for yourself below….

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