Airbnb Goes Tarzan

While watching Disney’s rendition of “Tarzan”, did you ever say to yourself, “Damn, I wish I could live in a treehouse like the one Tarzan’s human parents made before they were Cheetah food.”? We’re just going to assume you did, because that crib was the shit. Well now, Airbnb, the website dedicated to people finding temporary homes to stay in, have added exotic island treehouses to their listings at a discounted rate!

For a limited time, as a part of the “Live Somewhere You Love” campaign, Aribnb is offering about $150 off (on purchases of $400 or more) on any treehouse themed real estate for your temporary stay in an area. Now you can temporarily slide away to a tree estate on a private island only the size of football field, or seclude yourself high up in an obscure treehouse in the hills of Atlanta. Props to Airbnb making it a bit easier to take a small break from society; now we can listen to the rest of “The Life of Pablo” in peace. Go check out the limited time listings here.

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