Donald Trump Fits Perfectly as a Game of Thrones Villain

Now, as a disclaimer, we here at Royal Blue choose not to affiliate or endorse any one particular presidential candidate. Hell, they’re all apart of Jay Z’s Illuminati anyway, right? However, it’d be silly of us not to notice the sheer amount of hilarious jokes made about all of them, and in particular, Mr. Donald J. Trump. As the GOP and Democratic primary elections have gone on, we’ve seen candidates fall out of the running, but everyone’s favorite laughing stock still stay in. What is it about Trump? Is it his charisma, anti-politician tactics, or his brash and drastic measures for these crazy times? Who the hell knows, but it certainly covers more than we’d like to talk about in one blog post. If you need yet another laugh at the presidential candidate’s expense, luckily, some genius put Trump in Game of Thrones and the results are glorious. Even if you don’t know who you’re voting for yet, one thing that’s certain, is that it’s straight scary how well past statements of Trump’s fit into the various dialogues of Game of Throne’s past antagonists and main characters. Get a look at what seems almost too natural to be an edited video below.

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