Last night’s 88th annual Oscars was certainly one for the books. With several high notes, powerful performances, and “Mad Max: Fury Road” surprising everyone with 6 wins, this year’s ceremony was packed with memorable moments from to bottom, with plenty to reminisce over, despite The Oscars typically being pretty damn boring every year. The main points of the night were Chris Rock rocking of the host job, and a certain special actor getting his long overdue award.

Chris Rock Killed It…

What better place to start at than the beginning, with Chris Rock’s hilarious opening monologue. Reminding the world that he’s still the king of standup comedy, Rock went in for 10 whole minutes and appropriately made light of an extremely tense situation, the lack of diversity among Oscar nominees. He roasted Kevin Hart a little for making movies quicker than porn stars, and reminded us all of why people haven’t protested the Oscars in the past. Rock even made sure to notify Jada Pinkett-Smith, that much like his own admission into Rihanna’s coveted panties, Jada wasn’t invited to the Oscars in the first place.


Leo Finally Got His Little Gold Man

If you’re a movie head worth their own weight or have any interaction with human beings, you’ve probably heard someone talk about Leonardo DiCaprio never winning an Oscar. Leo getting beat out 5 times in the past by other Hollywood peers, turned into an internet joke synonymous with the term “meme” itself. Well last night, at least 1 million internet memes in the world became irrelevant as DiCaprio won best male performance for his work in the movie, “The Revenant”. You could almost hear a sigh of relief from the crowd followed by thunderous applause when Leo’s name was called. The California native then graciously takes his time at center stage to address Global Warming as opposed to how long he’s waited for this moment. The world’s most famous bachelor just gets more and more likable as his time on screen grows.




 And of course, the entire Internet Reacted















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