Kevin Hart Thinks Steph Curry is a Robot and He’s Probably Right

You remember back when you were younger, how you would make your own character in NBA 2K (or NBA Live for you EA fans) and would give him a ridiculously good rating in one stat? This was done partially because you loved to win when you played, just like any other young child, and also because you didn’t pick up a video game just to see stuff that would occur in the real world. Well now, Steph Curry’s skill at the game of basketball has begun to blur the lines between real world athletics and feats seen in a video game. Seriously, the Davidson College alum jacks up 3’s like he has a hack to make them all the time.


The most recent display of this was his sniper shot of a near-buzzer-beater 3 in overtime against the Oklahoma City Thunder this past weekend. Shit, Chef Curry’s skill is almost not human, you can almost say it’s robotic. Well now we have eyewitness proof from comedian Kevin Hart. We all knew that no one can be this proficient in shooting, never be seen in the same room as a hamburger, and not be some kind of computer. Stay woke, fam.



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