Raf Simons Wants Men’s Fashion to be More Bold (And we agree!!)

The fashion world can be unpredictable as it is innovative. Trends can sometimes follow a pattern, or go off in a completely different direction like making a wrong turn towards a destination. Much like music, art, and beauty; fashion has its critics, reputable sources, and vigorous debates as to what makes an article of clothing “good.” These reputable points of view typically come from those directly involved in the fashion world, and Raf Simons has become one of the highest among them.

Starting his own menswear label during the 90’s and being the creative director of the renowned Christian Dior, Simons’s opinion certainly bears some weight in the fashion world. Being known as a designer who always strived to push the envelope, Raf is calling for a change in menswear innovation. In a recent in-depth interview with T Magazine, Simons expressed his disappointment with the evolution of Men’s fashion:


Photo from Simons’s Winter 2014 Show

“I find it a pity. It was always an investigation from my side: My brand has never stood for a classic wardrobe, which is what most men’s brands represent. Then they give it a twist, with styling.” He compares the progress of men’s fashion to women’s when he proclaims, “We [the fashion world] are so far evolved. . .And men’s fashion is still. . .I wish it was where women’s fashion is." Simons goes on to say, "I just wonder why more men’s fashion can’t push, and can’t try to take the responsibility…. that men could manifest themselves the way that women manifest themselves.’’ 

We here at Royal Blue agree. We won’t call out anyone in particular, but seeing some of the top and most well-known brands sticking to the same old formulas can get really old. But what do you think? Does men’s fashion need to keep playing it safe or is it time for revolution? No matter what happens to the rest of fashion, you can always rest assured that Royal Blue will continue to challenge the “typical” with each release.

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