A$AP Rocky and Rami Malek Show Their Fashion Fandom at Dior Homme 2017

The practice of high fashion can be seen almost as much as an art form as it is a way to advertise one’s clothing. The runway is the showroom, the models are the canvases, and the forward-thinking and sometimes unimaginable outfits are the paint that designers use to express their ideas. Among the best of these is surely French designer, Christian Dior, the founder of Dior Apparel. The Dior brand just got done wrapping up their Dior Homme Fashion Week for 2017, and along with some amazing works of art in the suit and coat category, the event also brought out some well-known celebrities who also happen to be quite the fashion enthusiasts.

In High Snobiety’s video, “Mr. Robot” star, Rami Malek, praises Dior for creating suits, sweaters, furs, and formal outfits that somehow capture an out-of-this-world look while still maintaining practicality that makes it wearable out in the real world. 1980’s sensation, Boy George, then chimes in saying just how much he wants most of the things featured at the show. But of course, at this point in the 21st century, the fashion event wouldn’t be progressive or hip without hip-hop’s high fashion ambassador, A$AP Rocky, there to bask in the ambiance in the craftsmanship as well as rock some of his favorite personally owned Dior pieces. Whether you’re into blue furs, steam punk era three piece suits, or trench coats inspired by crowds of people, you’ll surely find something in this year’s Homme Fashion Week that’ll wow you. Take a look at the recap and celebrity commentary below.

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