Add This Super Star to the List of Puma’s Powerhouse Collaborators

Athletic wear is no longer just for top athletes to push into our closets. And in a way, that’s good thing. Because while most of us will probably never be able to take on Kevin Durant in a game of 21, we all like to believe that if Kylie Jenner or Future can look cool in their own personalized sneakers at the gym, we can too. These non-athletic (by comparison, of course) A-list celebrities almost humanize the gorgeous kicks they put their names behind. So to keep up in the shoe collaborator rat race, it doesn’t surprise us that Puma has teamed up with the R&B star with a voice as soft as silk, Abel Tesfaye a.k.a., The Weeknd


Announced via Tesfaye’s Instagram, the Canadian vocalist has linked up with Puma as a new creative collaborator to bring us PumaXO, which will be both a shoe and an apparel line. We have to assume the all-black wardrobe The Weeknd is wearing in his pic is all from the upcoming release, and we have to admit, it definitely looks as suave as his lyrics are. Do you think you’d want to cop anything Abel is wearing here? Think about it on a melancholy and rainy night while listening to his new single, “Starboy” below.

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