Adidas Drops a Shoe Made of Interesting Material

For the past few years, Adidas has been right at the top of the shoe-game along with Nike, and everyone knows it. Since they’ve been holding strong over this short stretch of time, the shoe giant looks to get pretty experimental with their most recent release. One of their older shoes, The EQT ’93 Support is getting a revamp for the end of 2016, and that revitalization is in the material itself rather than a typical color scheme. The new “Winter Wool” EQT ’93 is made of just that; wool.


Just in time for the cold season, the EQT ‘93 “Winter Wool” comes in a drab grey and is all wool over most of the shoe's surface. The shoe’s soles, however, are still done in traditional rubber, with the tongue and tip of the shoe done in a very tasteful black leather. For us, the only thing that comes into question is just how long will a shoe made of wool look good? Wool has a habit of slowly becoming frizzy after rubbing up against things over time, bringing longevity into question. Does that make these atypical kicks something made for special occasions only?

If you’re down with keeping your feet extra warm this winter, pick up the Winter Wool’s for $140 when they drop on the Adidas website November 5th.


Images courtesy of Adidas

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