Anthony Bourdain Helps You out with Your Steak

Just a few more things and everything will be ready for your special night. The candles, the flowers, the romantic Gucci Mane playlist quietly sending music into the air in the background. All these romantic pieces are coming together to make a very special dinner night indoors with your very special someone. The sides are done and now all you need to do is cook the steak. Easy enough, right? You just throw them both in the pan and grab your other ingrediants. Okay, you just added too much salt and all-in-one seasoning but that’s fine, it’ll soak in! Holy shit, those are cooking way faster than you thought they would. Your mind starts racing… “When do I flip them? How do I get the seasoning evened out? Is marinating really that important, because I definitely only did that for 30 minutes.” Before you know it, you and your love are eating some giant beef chunks, that bring new meaning to the word “well done” (ironically), and probably looks something like this.

We’ve all been there. Cooking a great steak is something that typically isn’t done on the first attempt. But luckily, top chef and globe trekker, Anthony Bourdain, is here to give you a crash course in on how to cook that big piece of beef right. Bourdain lets you know what the best cooking method is for the steak, and how most of the time, the difference between a great steak and a bad one, is what the cook chooses not to do. Who would’ve thought Tech Insider could help us out with our holiday culinary skills? Watch the informative short below! 

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