Apple Releases Smooth Commercial for Their Latest Headphones

At this point, anyone who pays attention to Apple commercials knows that they’re big fans of making their products look like something never done before. They do it at their Apple press conference every year, whether they’re showcasing a new phone, watch, or a touch screen bar as opposed to a full touch screen. In light of their new wireless headphones, that everyone and their mother is worried about losing on a run or through casual everyday use, Apple decided to release a commercial to show just how crazy you can get wearing the Apple Airpods. Watch as your typical city commuter puts in his Airpods to gain new powers, such as dancing on vertical surfaces, walking on walls, gliding on air, and even making his very own hat defy the laws of physics. Towards the end of the commercial our gravity-ignoring dancer takes out a headphone to tune back into the real world, where we imagine if he dropped it, his powers would disappear along with another $160. Do you think Apple’s latest risk will pay off in the end? Check out the commercial and Tech Crunch’s official review below.

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