Apple’s Self-Driving Car May Be Hitting the Scrap Yard Soon

We’ve seen the idea of self-driving cars done and redone in big movies about the future all the time. The story’s protagonist goes to sit down in the driver’s seat, then the car, in an elegant female voice, tells him exactly where he is heading to, all to make the viewer believe that one day we’ll be trusting our vehicles to take us safely to our destination without any manual operation by the driver past turning the key. Everyone’s favorite California tech company, Apple, sought to be the first entity to bring us this luxury of the future, however, problems are surely starting to brew with their smart vehicle venture.

Formerly known as Project Titan, Apple’s self-driving car has been a rumored project coming from the depths of the computer company for a number of years now. Tons of fans and skeptics have wondered when the big reveal date would be, and more importantly, if it would change road travel forever. Well, according to a report by Bloomberg, it would seem that Apple is scrapping the idea of an Apple-branded, self-driving automobile. Report details show that Apple is moving literally hundreds of employees dedicated to Project Titan to other departments in Apple and that the project’s technology may soon be up for sale to various auto companies. This move isn’t the worst thing that could happen to Apple, after all, building an entire car is an in-depth and strenuous project, let alone one that moves on its own. We’re just hoping that dropping the iCar venture will mean the iPhone 8 is a little more exciting than the 7. Which car company would you like to see Apple collaborate with to bring the world its first hands-free whip?


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