Apple Strides into the Future at September Keynote

This Wednesday, down in San Francisco, California, Apple held their annual keynote conference to unveil next generation of hardware and software available to its customers. With 2016 being no exception, a staple of the massive event, over the past several years, has been the unveiling of the next iPhone in Apple’s smartphone family. If you’ve been paying attention to some the rumors about the device at all, you’d know they were proven true today. Yes, the iPhone 7 will not have a headphone jack, a move being called by analyst for almost half a year now, but this move, along with several others, is simply detailing Apple’s attempts to try and get a leg up on the future of (quite literally) wireless technology.


While the headphone jack disappearing from the next iPhone was heavily reported on, the much lesser known fact was the iPhone 7 losing its press-able home button as well. Taking after the force touch trackpads on Apple’s latest MacBooks, the new home button for the iPhone 7 is reliant on touch alone, and won’t be physically jamming any time soon.


The removal of aspects from the iPhone 7 isn’t fully mutual between the original and the extra-large “Plus” model this time either. If you needed more reason to buy an iPhone 7 Plus besides looking fabulous with your phablet, the 7 Plus will be coming with two rear cameras. According to Apple CEO, Tim Cook, this allows for an added layer of depth to your photos and some very high-quality zooming that goes up to 12x magnification.


We even received a new announcement regarding one of Apple’s most recently acquired brands, Beats Headphones. The former Dr. Dre owned brand have released the Beats Solo3 (cubed) Wireless, which became available on Apple’s website immediately after the keynote. The newest over-ear, noise-cancelling headphones are fully wireless, and feature over 12 hours of listening pleasure.


Images courtesy of The Verge

But perhaps our favorite announcement for the Apple-filled afternoon was the feature coming to all us clumsy folk of the world; water-resistance. No more will we fear dropping our phone in toilets, spilling beer on it during drunken nights at the bar, or being randomly shoved into pools with our phone still in our pockets. Yes, Apple claims that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus can withstand up to 30 whole minutes submerged in water and/or other previously phone-destroying liquids. Check one victory for phone longevity!


What was your favorite part of the Apple Keynote? Was it the announcement of the new phone-bricking iOS10 update? Or was it that you can now play Pokémon GO on your Apple Watch instead of staring down at your phone like a social recluse? Let’s just hope there’s no Bend Gate for the next set of these fancy smartphones. Check out the slightly awkward Pokémon GO Apple Watch reveal below and preorder your iPhone 7 at Apple’s website on September 9th, here.

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